Sunday, 17 January 2016

back to basics

t-shirt: c/o Five Pound Tee, jeans: ASOS, shoes: ASOS, bag: Sara Sboul

This week, I was inspired by the simplicity of a white tee...

I'm in love with this Five Pound Tee top - my prints are mostly in-your-face and splattered all over my clothes, but I loved the subtlety of the simple back detail. This inspired me to take today's outfit back to basics.

When I think of simplicity, my mind always reverts to my arch nemesis - jeans. I can't find many that fit, they look too boring, I always get baggy knees... I won't go on. However, ASOS have become my fairy jeanmother by dreaming up with these beauties. Cropped and wide legged with a cute tie belt, they fit my big-hipped shape perfectly whilst satisfying my need for all things unique.

I finished the outfit off with my Sara Sboul statement bag to tie in the stripe on the back of the tee. The pom pom shoes are the only thing I wear at the minute, so they were a given.

I can't wait to wear this t-shirt with floaty skater skirts and tucked into smart pencil skirts for a casual yet chic look. It's definitely going to become a wardrobe staple!

How do you take fashion back to basics?

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