Sunday, 22 November 2015

lost and found

dress: vintage, shoes: ASOS, bag: Skinnydip London

Recently, I set myself a challenge to try and wear more things that I already own, rather than simply buying something new whenever I feel like it. It's been pretty tough - there's a massive amount of temptation out there - but I have found a few forgotten gems in the depths of my drawers that surprise me.

I bought this dress five years ago on ASOS Marketplace. I was only supposed to be window shopping, but knew that this dress was a complete one-off which I'd be unlikely to find again. It was worn as a party dress, and also as an everyday dress with creepers and an oversized coat. However, as the fabric is quite stiff and shimmery, it rubs on my arms, and so it was relegated to the wardrobe.

It became one of THOSE dresses: the ones you fear you'll never wear again, but can't bear to part with.

As I was rummaging through today, I spotted the sleeve, and immediately wondered why I hadn't worn it in years. I love its Alexa vibes, and the fact that I can pair it with pom pom shoes and a novelty bag and it still remains the focal point of my look. I'm now considering wearing it for a Christmas party this year. This outfit has now inspired me to dig out all the pieces I'd considered Depopping, to try them on properly and see if I can get a new lease of life out of them.

Lesson of the day: don't throw away your vintage gems. I've fallen in love with wearing mine again.


  1. That dress is what dreams are made of, I'm in love! You've definitely inspired me to 'shop my stash' too xx

    1. Ahh, I'm so glad you're going to have a rummage! I've found some amazing things that I can't wait to wear again! Xxx