Sunday, 14 December 2014

topshop 24 days of nails swatches part I

I thought it would be fun to share swatches of the polishes I've been getting in my nail polish advent calendar this year! I've split it in half, so that you're not overwhelmed with pictures of my hand. 

I think this is the first year that Topshop have done a nail polish advent calendar. I snapped this up as soon as I knew about it, as I don't often buy their polishes and thought it would be a great way to sample some of their colours! Keep on reading to see each polish from the first 12 days...

Day 1: Green Room (2 coats)
A lovely, bright green. A little streaky, but evens out with the second coat. I already own this, so wasn't too bothered about this day!

Day 2: Totally Turmeric (3 coats)
A unique bright mustard colour. This doesn't 100% suit my skin tone, but it is an amazing colour and I don't have anything else like it in my collection!

Day 3: Teal My Thunder (2 coats)
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! Greens and blues are my favourite nail polish colours, so this was the perfect colour for me! It's quite a dark colour, but still really vibrant.

Day 4: Saffron (2 coats)
A nice unique colour, but doesn't really suit me. This would be great for an autumn leaf manicure.

Day 5: Swish (3 coats)
Quite streaky, but a lovely opaque pastel blue. It's great to have a colour like this that doesn't need about 8 coats.

Day 6: Relapse (2 coats)
A bright, grown-up Barbie pink. I don't wear pinks, so this one left me a little cold. If you're a pink polish lover, however, you will love this!

Day 7: Sweetie Belle (3 coats)
A burgundy/brown with gold shimmer. I was VERY excited about this one, but it's a lot more brown-toned than it appears in the bottle, and so it was a little disappointing. Love the shimmer though!

Day 8: School of Thought (2 coats)
A dark apple green. Of course, I loved this one. I also don't own a polish like it, so it was a bonus!

Day 9: Stars & Stripes (topper, 2 coats), Day 10: Cloak & Dagger (2 coats)
I paired these two together as I knew it would look amazing! There's nothing special to say about the black, but that topper - blue, white and red glitter pieces with white stars - is so good! It's quite difficult to fish out the stars with the mini brush in the mini bottle, however, so it was really frustrating to use.

Day 11: Tidal (3 coats)
How do I describe this? A sea foam grey with a tinge of buff. This is seriously good. It would look even better with a matte topcoat or glitter fade over the top. Definitely will be buying the full-size version of this!

Day 12: Boy Next Door (3 coats)
A very streaky bluey minty green. A nice colour, fairly average, very streaky. This will be great in the spring!

Stay tuned for swatches of the rest of the calendar later on in the month!
What are your favourite colours so far?


  1. Totally Tumeric, Saffron and Tidal look absolutely stunning! Love this post x

    1. Thank you! I LOVE Tidal so much! I can't wait to pick a full size bottle up xx

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