Wednesday, 24 December 2014

born pretty store christmas nail decals review

nail decals: c/o Born Pretty Store

The brilliant Born Pretty Store very kindly sent me some items for review. I saved this Christmassy set for my Christmas Day manicure!

As always, these nail decals were simple to use. Cut out the ones you want to use and soak them in water for around 20 seconds. Then you can either use tweezers or your finger to slide the decals off the backing paper and onto your nail. These were a lot more opaque than any other decals I've tried, which was a bonus! I did find that this particular set had a couple of designs that I couldn't use, as my tiny nail beds weren't big enough! There was plenty to choose from on the sheet, however, so I wasn't disappointed.

You can see the range of decals from Born Pretty here. Not only do they sell great nail decals, they also sell all the basics you need for your nail art! Get 10% off all full price items by using the discount code SAMAG10

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