Sunday, 14 April 2013

what i wore today: hello, sailor!

top: vintage, skirt: american apparel, necklace: gift from a friend

Now that the weather is getting slightly warmer here in the UK, I can finally start wearing some of the more summery clothes that have been piling up in my wardrobe. I found this crop top in the vintage section at Miss Selfridge, and couldn't believe that nobody had snapped it up! It's made from a stiff fabric, and the anchors at the bottom have little pieces of rope stuck on. I wore it here with a peachy pink corduroy circle skirt, but I can't wait to wear it with my riding pants, flowy maxi skirts, and little shorts too! 

I also FINALLY had my hair cut. It's been six months since I had it trimmed, and it feels so much better now that it's back in its proper style. I'd only been working part time after graduating, and so couldn't justify spending money on my hair. Now that I'm finally working full-time again, I splashed out on it!

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