Friday, 1 March 2013

film & tv nails

I've had a little more time recently to concentrate on creating my own nail art, instead of painting designs I've already seen. I love finding inspiration from films and tv, and so I thought I would share my two recent designs with you!

This first design is inspired by Wes Anderson's The Life Aquatic. I loved how these turned out, especially the index and middle fingers. It is also the first time I've done leopard print nail art. I'm not usually a fan of the print in general, but it's really simple to paint and looks quite striking. If you've seen the film, I hope you get all the references! Team Zissou!

I liked these nails a little less than the previous design. These were inspired by Twin Peaks, one of my favourite tv shows. I'm not entirely sure why I wasn't too keen on these. They're a little messier than I'd like, and I really messed up with the floor of the Red Room nail (index finger) - I'm rubbish at perspective! I love the idea of Twin Peaks nails though, and hope to do more designs soon.

Have you got any tv or film-themed nails?

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