Saturday, 12 January 2013

platform trainers

The only reason I wanted to be a Spice Girl when I was younger was I wanted a pair of platform trainers. I would have sold my soul for a pair of Buffalo's, and remember begging my mum for a pair. Now that the 90s are back again, I am DELIGHTED to see the ridiculous pairs of platform trainers that are now available, and that I can now own (because I am adult enough to make a reasoned decision that a sprained ankle is totally worth it).
I bought a pair of three-inchers from ASOS last summer. Unfortunately, they didn't have a rounded sole at the front, and I had to stomp around in them. I wore them three times. Every time I wore them, I went over on my ankle so badly that it would take me a couple of weeks to recover from the fear, and they have now been retired to the shoe cupboard. Sad times! Here they are, in a photograph of me comparing them to my boyfriend's shoes: 

They don't look as scary in retrospect! However, I think I will stick to my Office Nenah's for now!

Topshop recently collaborated with Moonspoon Saloon and Buffalo, and came up with these beauties:

And, here are Jeffrey Campbell's offering, complete with lights in the sole:

The shoes that dreams are made of!

Unfortunately, the hefty price tag on both of these pairs means that my love will continue to be unrequited!

All images taken from Google

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