Saturday, 26 July 2014

'i am the one who knocks'

DIY Nails recently had a sale, and as I loved my Betty decals so much, I thought I would pick up some more. When I saw these Breaking Bad ones, I couldn't resist! SO COOL. I love love love these!!

A pale base is best for these decals. I tried the cling film method with some blue polish to get a 'meth' background for them, but the faces looked mouldy because the blue came through the decals. They definitely look more effective on a pale, plain background though. These were also slightly more fiddly than the Betty set, simply because they are bigger and I have fairly small nails. It took me a couple of attempts to get the faces in the middle of the nail - as you can see, I accidentally stretched Skyler's jaw and took a chunk out of Saul's hair. I do think that was me being picky, though. I couldn't rest until they were dead centre! 

Who is your favourite Breaking Bad character?

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