Sunday, 18 May 2014

review: Nail Rock nail pom poms

I am a huge pom pom lover, and when I saw the Nail Rock Pom Pom Nail Art Kit in Topshop I HAD to have it! There were two colours available: an apple green with white poms, and a mint green with black poms. I've never bought anything from Nail Rock before, and was excited to try something from the brand, as I've heard good things about them. Check out my results after the jump:

As you can see, on my tiny nails they looked ridiculous. I tried out a few different placements of the pom poms, but nothing seemed to look right. They were really tall, so they didn't really feel secure either. I used clear nail polish as adhesive, but using nail glue may work a lot better for these. I stuck my hands under some running water to see if they stood up to moisture - they didn't seem to dry for ages and started to come loose (possibly because I didn't use nail glue). I only had them on for around twenty minutes but couldn't wait to take them off. 

I love the idea of nail pom poms, but these were definitely a disappointment. They were too big and tall for my nails and they felt really heavy and uncomfortable. These would look great on a night out on someone with wide nail beds and long nails, but these definitely weren't for me. The polish is really good though, and I will be using this on its own in future.

Have you tried these pom poms or anything from Nail Rock before?

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