Saturday, 30 November 2013

what i wore today: which cherry are you?

Meadham Kirchhoff x Topshop finally arrived!! I didn't want to miss out on anything, but wanted something wearable and not crazily expensive (this meant all of the shoes were out of the equation, boo!!). I decided to pick up a babydoll dress, and went for this one, as I felt that the other dress with the frilly sleeves and eyeball print may have been a little too 'out there' for everyday wear. I'm so glad I picked this. It's so girly and pretty! The only problem is, it's COMPLETELY sheer, and so here you can see it with a navy blue bodycon dress underneath. I've since bought a white one, which I think will look much better. I'm trying to find pale tights to wear with it too, but not having much luck at the minute! I haven't been able to wear it much, as it's completely inappropriate for the weather, and I have to button my coat up over it which seems a waste. Can't wait to wear it for Christmas parties though.

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