Thursday, 31 October 2013

happy halloween!

Happy Halloween everybody! As I wasn't doing anything for Halloween, I decided to let my nails dress up instead. 
The first design was painted with Nails Inc Baker Street - the most perfect blue EVER - and white acrylic paint. The bones are really simple to draw: draw a thin white line, then use a dotting tool to put two blobs on each end of the line. Easy!
The second design was something I made up as I went along. I used white acrylic paint again, which ended up cracking and going all weird. The ghosties are cute, though!
I LOVE the last set of nails. They are based on Ringu, or The Ring, one of my favourite horror films. I hope you can tell what each nail symbolises! I'm proud of the eye/hair nail the most. The thumbnail on the right hand spells out 'Ringu' in Japanese. The only nails I weren't happy with were the static nails, which I think turned out a bit rubbish. I do think these rival my Shining nails from last year though!

What's your favourite horror film?

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