Saturday, 6 July 2013

what i wore today: raspberry riding pants

T-shirt: Out of Print, Bag: ASOS, Riding Pants: American Apparel, Sandals: Sunjellies

American Apparel's riding pants are the ONLY trousers that I will wear. I own them in taupe, black and navy, and for the summer decided to invest in a slightly more unique colour! If you have never tried them before, they are a jodhpur-style, and are made from a really thick and stretchy material. They are so flattering, and look great worn as high-waisted trousers, and also as leggings underneath oversized shirts. The thing I love most about the riding pants is the height of the waist. I have a long torso and high waists usually come up below my belly button (I'm looking at you, Topshop), but the waist on American Apparel clothing sits right underneath my ribs to fit me perfectly. I wish I could afford to have them in every colour!

Yes, you are seeing the photo right....I HAVE NEW SHOES! I bought myself some jelly shoes from Sunjellies for the summer. I wore them for the first time here, and got no blisters anywhere at all! I would definitely recommend them - they are so easy to wear and go with almost everything! I also recently bought the JuJu glitter jelly heels from American Apparel too. I can't get enough of jelly shoes!

My t-shirt is from Out of Print. The design is from the original book cover of Slaughterhouse Five. So it goes. I have an obsession with book cover t-shirts (I have studied for two literature degrees), and can't wait to invest in more.

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